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About Cryptrox

Cryptrox Is a cryptocurrency exchange platform established In 2016. The operation of Cryptrox Is divided Into various phases. Phase one was based on creating a platform to train and educate masses about blockchain and ayptocurrencies. Through this way, our users also had the opportunity to practice trading and using cryptocurrencies on a live platform. using a real currency. As a result, we only listed lower priced coins. We are proud to have trained many people, particularly in West Africa on the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies, wallets, trading (buying low and selling high) and security. Our users are diverse; to date we have served more than 10000 users from countries such as Nigeria, Ghana. Kenya UK, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Tanzania, Botswanan, and USA When compared to other African cryptocurrency exchanges, CryptroX also offers reasonable and comparably lower fees for deposits and withdrawals; and for market makers and takers.


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